Last Litter Program 

Ollie’s Legacy Incorporated’s Last Litter Program aims to break the cycle of unwanted and homeless pets by reducing the number of unplanned litters within the community. Sadly, due to the oversupply of pets thousands of animals are euthanised each year as there simply isn’t enough homes for them.

By participating in our Last Litter Program not only are you helping us break this cycle, but you are also improving the quality of life for your pet.

Through our Last Litter Program, the owner agrees to surrender the entire litter of puppies/kittens in exchange for allowing us to spey their mother. At no cost to the owners, puppies/kittens are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, desexed and flea and worm treated before being adopted into loving forever homes. In turn their mother is speyed and returned to family at no cost to them.

Subject to space we also take pregnant dogs/cats or those with young litters. Our experienced carers help Mum raise her babies until there are weaned. Mum is then desexed and returned home to her family.

If you want to make this your pet’s last litter, please follow the link to complete the application form.

Please note we do our best to help everyone however we have limited resources and spaces available. If you would like more information before completing the application, please email [email protected] 

Application Form