CEPA Bendigo

CEPA Bendigo is a trading co-operative located at 4-10 Stanley Street, Quarry Hill. 

Pets Domain

Pets Domain are located in the Rocklea Homemaker Centre and are valued supporters of Ollie's Legacy.

Veterinary partnership

We are currently seeking partnership with a local vet to provide routine, emergency and disease-management care to a range of animals which come into our care, primarily cats and dogs. For more information about supporting our rescue in this format, and the ways in which we would support our partner vet in return, please get in touch with us on the link below.

Our Supporters

Please support the local businesses that support us

The support of local businesses is so greatly appreciated, and helps with the daily running of Ollie's Legacy Inc.

We would love if you could help us to show appreciation to these local businesses, by supporting them whenever you are able.