Fostering for Ollie's Legacy

Ollie's Legacy does not have a shelter, so we rely on foster carers to provide our rescued animals with loving temporary homes. 

Some of these animals just need a place to stay while they look for their forever family, others need a special human to help them love and trust while others may need nursing back to health.

The length of time the animal requires foster for differs. Some may be in care for a week or two while others may need long term placement. 

Ollie's Legacy is responsible for all the foster animal's vet work including desexing, microchipping, vaccination(s), parasite control and any extra vet work that may be required.

Criteria to become a foster carer:

Be over 18 years old
• Have reliable transport
• Previous experience caring for animals
• Adequate time to meet the foster animal’s needs.
• Common sense approach
• Ability to follow instructions and guidelines
• Excellent communication skills
• Share our philosophy regarding responsible pet ownership

Process to become a foster carer:

• Complete the online application form
• Follow up chat 
• Quick property check
• Sign the foster agreement
• Join our private Facebook group where details of animals needing foster care is posted
• Message the foster coordinator if you are interested in helping a particular animal
• Sometimes the foster coordinator will contact you directly if they think you are a good match
• Your foster journey begins

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Foster Carer provide?

• A safe, enriching, and loving home environment
• Quality care through feeding, cleaning up after, playing and interacting with
• Affection and comfort
• Socialisation
• Basic training
• Behavioural observation
• Health monitoring
• Transport if required
• Food and other supplies if donations aren’t available
• Photos for adoption profiles
**Please note this list is not exhaustive and may differ from time to time **

What does Ollie's Legacy provide Foster Carers?

•Help and support
• Animal transport
• Foster carer starter kit
• Donated food and other supplies when available
• Opportunities to learn
• Friendly team environment
• All veterinary care, specialty diets and flea & worming treatment for the foster animal.

Why is Foster Care so important?

Rescue groups can only save an animal if there is a foster carer available. Without carers they face uncertain futures in the pound. Foster carers are their lifeline.

Who typically becomes a Foster Carer?

People from all walks of life including students, retirees, singles, and families with the common goal of helping animals.

Does it cost money?

Ollie's Legacy pays for all veterinary care, professional training or specific specialty items the animal may require. Food, kitty litter and supplies like bedding, bowls, toys etc. are available for foster carers to use if there are donations on hand. At times it may be necessary for carers to provide their own items.

How long will the animal be with me?

As each case is different there is no way of guessing however this will be discussed in further detail before the foster is placed in care.

Can I keep my foster animal?

Carers are welcome to apply to adopt the foster animal however final approval will be given by the Adoption Coordinator. Carers are expected to pay the same adoption fee as the general public.

How do I apply?

Scroll down and click the link to the application form. A representative will be in contact as soon as possible and go through the process in further detail and answer any questions.