Who is Ollie and what is his legacy?

Ollie's Story

Ollie was an incredibly special dog who captured the hearts of everyone he met. He had extensive medical issues and had suffered horrendous abuse by his previous owners. Despite this Ollie was the happiest boy with the biggest heart. In the 6 months he was with our founder, Ollie was her shadow. He helped socialise scared puppies, showed cats that big dogs weren’t always scary and accompanied her to the local TAFE to talk about responsible pet ownership. Ollie literally shook hands with everyone he met, even when a class formed a line to take turns, he willingly obliged. To give Ollie a chance at a life without pain, he underwent life  changing surgery but sadly suffered post-surgery complications. To stop Ollie's suffering, the heartbreaking decision was made to give him his angel wings. Ollie was only 12 months old and left many people with broken hearts. To honour his memory, Ollie’s Legacy was launched in September 2021.