Cat Adoption Process

Before you fill out our Adoption Application, please consider these things:

Our adoption fee covers the following: vaccination, microchip, desexing, flea and worm treatment and any other veterinary treatment required. The adoption fee also goes towards food and other essential items the animal needed during their stay. It also helps us to rescue and look after other animals in need.

Our foster carers spend hours upon hours looking after these precious souls and we set high standards in choosing their new families. We want to set the animal and their new family up for a happy and enduring life together.

By choosing to adopt, you are helping us rescue and care for animals in need and supporting responsible pet ownership. Ollie’s Legacy is not a pound, shelter or shop. We operate out of a private residence and animals are only available for viewing at the Meet and Greet.

Here are some considerations to help you decide if you are ready to adopt:
• Does your home meet the requirements outlined in its adoption profile? E.g., If the profile states the cat doesn’t like dogs, please don’t apply if you own a dog.
• Timing: Is this the right time for adopting a cat/kitten?
• Time: Do you have enough time to dedicate to a cat/kitten?
• Stability: Are your living arrangements suitable for a cat/kitten
• Dedication: Will you be a responsible pet owner?
• Is your home suitable for a cat/kitten?
• Cost: Can you afford a new pet? In addition to the adoption fee, below is a basic list of the care and items your cat requires during each year of its lifetime, along with an estimated price: 
   - Council registration $35
   - Vaccinations $80
   - Veterinary consultations $100
   - Food $600 ($50 per month)
   - Worm / flea treatments ($200)

You will also need to factor in vet treatment, medication, boarding/ pet sitters, insurance etc.

All general adoption queries should be asked using email as we do not have time to answer general adoption queries with a phone call.

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